The Difference Between Transmission Fluid and Differential Fluid

Many people use the terms transmission fluid and differential fluid interchangeably, but the two automotive fluids are actually quite different. In fact, knowing the difference is a critical part of good car care. Not sure which fluid your car takes? Always thought they were the same thing? Confused on which fluids your vehicle needs?

Continue reading to learn the difference between transmission fluid and differential fluid, how these fluids work, and more.

Transmission Repair Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800
Transmission Repair Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

Differential Fluid and Transmission Fluid Are Not the Same

When it comes to differential and transmission fluid, there are many differences, but they all lie under the primary difference that separates the two most distinctively: application. Differential and transmission fluid are two different automotive fluids primarily because they serve two difference functions. One fluid is for vehicles with manual gearboxes and the other for automatic transmission vehicles. Which one is which? Let’s take a closer look.

Differential Fluid

Differential fluid, also known as gear oil, is designed for vehicles with manual gearboxes controlled by a clutch, pedal, and stick shift. Manual gearboxes are designed as a two-shaft system, and although this design gives manual cars more oomph, it produces an enormous amount of heat and friction. Differential fluid helps lubricate the inner moving components, thus supporting a smoother operation and protecting the engine from damage.

Key Attributes of Gear Oil:

▶ Thicker Viscosity
▶ Higher Heat Resistance
▶ High Pressure Resistance

Transmission Fluid

Opposite of differential fluid, transmission fluid is designed to work specifically with automatic transmission vehicles. Because automatic transmissions operate at lower degrees of heat and friction, they require a different level of lubrication. Transmission fluid is designed with unique properties that adequately lubricate the engine and support transfer of power.

Key Attributes of Transmission Fluid:

▶ Thinner/Lower Viscosity  
▶ Lower Degree of Heat Resistance
▶ Anti-Foaming Technology

FAQS About Transmission and Differential Fluid:

Can You Use Transmission Fluid in Place of Differential Fluid?

In emergency situations, you can put transmission fluid in your differential, but beware of the lower degree of viscosity compared to differential fluid. Your vehicle will burn through it quickly, so change it out or replace it with the right fluid as soon as possible.

Can I Use Engine Oil Instead of Differential Fluid?

Never, under any circumstances, put engine oil in your differential. This will result in devastating damages to your engine. Engine oil is much different than gear oil, mostly it cannot withstand high pressure. Therefore, engine oil should never be used in place of gear oil.

Will Something Bad Happen if I Use the Wrong Car Fluid?

There are damaging effects of using the wrong fluid in your car. Your vehicle might experience engine overheating, transmission breakdown, and internal engine damage. If you believe you put the wrong -fluid in your car or truck, consult with a licensed mechanic in Carmel, IN right away.

Does your car engine or transmission need some professional attention? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for transmission repair and engine repair service in Carmel, Indiana. We are German factory trained mechanics who specialize in European auto service. Request a free estimate, anytime.

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European Auto Repair and Service - Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800
European Auto Repair and Service – Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

How to Get Transmission Repair for European Cars Cheaper Than the Dealer

Are you having transmission troubles with your German or European vehicle? Are you even sure it’s the transmission that causing problems in Indianapolis? If so, you need a skilled German factory trained mechanic who thoroughly understands European automotive transmission work. With over 50 years of hands-on experience, you can trust that Autohaus Dierolf knows European transmissions.

Continue below to learn how we can service and repair European automotive transmissions faster, better, and cheaper than the dealer and any other local competitors!

Carmel Indianapolis European Auto Repair
Carmel Indianapolis European Auto Repair 317-571-0800

Dealer-Level Transmission Service at a Fraction of the Cost

Here at Autohaus Dierolf, our German factory-trained automotive mechanics provide a wide range of dealer-level transmission repair and diagnostics for all make and model European and German vehicles. We can precisely diagnose an issue faster, and repair it cheaper than any local competitor, especially the car dealerships!

 Since 1968, we have helped countless Hoosiers with their vehicle transmission problems, and at the same time, have helped them save thousands of dollars on transmission repair. But it’s not always the transmission that needs work, even though all the signs might be pointing toward transmission repair. And our expert German factory-trained mechanics know this principle the best.

You see, dealerships and competitor auto shops purposely quote “ballpark” figures and estimates for transmission repairs, especially when it comes to European vehicles. They usually quote an average of $2200 or more because their strategy is to first dig deeper into the transmission so that they can come up with additional repairs to charge you for.

But as a family owned and operated business, Autohaus Dierolf understands the value of a dollar, and we never overcharge for auto services. Most often, our mechanics find there isn’t a problem with the transmission at all! That’s because what may seem like an issue with a car transmission is actually the result of several other minor factors. This is just one way we save customers money on transmission repair in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana!

Why Choose Autohaus Dierolf?

☑ European Automotive Specialists
☑ 50+ Years of Experience
☑ Economy-Based Prices
☑ Dealer-Level Diagnostics
☑ Modern Diagnostic Technology
☑ Auto Repair Coupons
☑ Family Owned and Operated
☑ Independently Owned Auto Shop
☑ In Business Since 1968
☑ Free Written Estimates
☑ Honest Midwestern Values

Looking to get a free estimate for transmission repair service in Indianapolis? Contact our Carmel, Indiana European auto repair shop at 317-571-0800 to set up an appointment.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Transmission Repair Solutions for European Car Owners

A vehicle’s transmission is a mixture of refined hydraulics and computer-operated electronic components that allow power to be sent from the engine to the drive axel, in order to produce movement. A vehicle must have a functioning transmission to run properly, and in most cases, at all. When a German or European car transmission becomes damaged, it is time to look into repair options that best suit the circumstances. The type of damage will determine what options a person has for repair.

Continue reading to learn about various transmission repair options for German and European model vehicles.

European Transmission Repair and Service
European Automotive Transmission Repair and Service 317-571-0800

Transmission Repair

The first option for vehicle transmission troubles is repair. If a licensed mechanic determines that your transmission is failing due to a certain part or component within your vehicle, it is better to simple repair it, or replace the part with a functioning one. It is important to have a professional diagnose transmission issues, especially for foreign and European vehicles. The transmission can be one of the most complicated repairs to accomplish, which is why experience and industry knowledge are crucial for successful results.

Depending on the amount of damages, transmission repair costs will differ from mechanic to mechanic. Be sure to shop around and read customer reviews to gain better knowledge of the company you wish to hire. It is highly recommended to use a garage that specializes in European car repair. They will have the proper equipment, as well as, an unbeatable dedication that can guarantee quality work.

Transmission Replacement

When a transmission is too far gone for repair, replacement may be the only option. A brand new transmission for German and European cars can run anywhere from $1,800 to $5,000, and sometimes more, depending on the make and model vehicle. Fortunately, for people on a budget, there are perfectly good used transmission for sale all over town. You can find fantastic references for used European transmission from your local mechanic. Buying a refurbished or used transmission can save you up to three thousand dollars or more!

Transmission Maintenance

In the lucky cases that your transmission does not require repair, simply maintenance, your mechanic may recommend fluid changes and other similar services.  Just like car engines, transmissions need to remain well-lubricated for proper functioning.  Transmission cleaning is crucial as well.  This type of routine maintenance should be sought out by a professional Carmel Indiana European auto repair shop for accurate service.

Where to Get Transmission Repair for European Cars in Carmel, IN

Call Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European transmission repair and service in Carmel, Indiana. Our German factory trained mechanics have more than 30 years of experience specializing in European make and model vehicles. We provide a wide range of automotive repairs and services, including factory scheduled maintenance and auto repair. Call 317-571-0800 for affordable and reputable auto maintenance in Carmel, IN today.

European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800