5 Automotive Modifications That Will Increase Horsepower

As a car owner and driver, you are dedicated to taking good care of your vehicle. From routine maintenance and regular car washes to safe driving habits, adequate insurance coverage, and all the interior cabin gadgets you can find, your job as a responsible driver is fulfilled. But what about power? If you wish there was something you could do to give your car or truck a little more oomph, you are in luck. There are several automotive modifications you can add to your existing ride to increase its horsepower and get to your destinations faster.

Continue below to learn the top 5 ways you can increase your vehicle’s horsepower with after-market modification installations.  

Carmel Indiana German Car Repair 317-571-0800
Carmel Indiana German Car Repair 317-571-0800

How to Make Your Car Drive Faster

Horsepower is engine power, and therefore, essential when it comes to all sorts of driving needs, like making a green light, driving uphill, or passing someone on the interstate. Whether your car does not come factory-equipped with adequate horsepower, or your vehicle is just older and not as capable as it once was, these 5 mods can increase the oomph of your engine and transmission controls, making your ride faster and peppier:

Cold Air Intake

One of the most common go-to automotive modifications for increasing horsepower is a cold air intake. Cold air is denser, so more of it gets inside the engine cylinders and mixes with the gasoline. More cold air means more combustion, which means a more powerful engine.

Not only will cold air intake increase engine power by as much as 7 HP, but they are also suggested to be the cheapest option. According to CarParts.com, cold air intakes can be as low as $40 or so, depending on factors like retailer, features, and brand.

Cat-Back Exhaust

A cat-back exhaust is not an added car part, but rather, a modification to an existing one. You can give your ride a cat-back exhaust by straightening out the pipes from the catalyst in the exhaust tubing to the rear of the vehicle. This mod is suggested to loosen up the whole muffler system, which in turn increases cold air intake and ultimately, combustion in the engine.


Reflashing is done to a vehicle’s computer system to change the car’s programming. Everything from timing and fuel-air mixture ratios to other related horsepower-enhancing elements can be reconfigured to meet your HP expectations. Keep in mind, this option is reserved for vehicles that are turbocharged or supercharged.

High-Flow Catalyst

It is suggested that combining a high-flow catalyst with a cat0-back exhaust is a sure-fire combination to increase horsepower in a vehicle. High-flow catalysts are innovative aftermarket catalytic converters that catalyzes the exhaust flow at a quicker rate, therefore, supplying more power to the engine. Do not try to remove your catalyst yourself if it is not already broken, as there are local and state laws prohibiting this.


Modifying your car tires can also increase your vehicle’s horsepower. Consider swapping out your entire set with a shorter set, which might help increase acceleration through aerodynamics. Beware, switching to shorter tires can throw off your speedometer readings. You can also take your vehicle in for regular tire alignments. Straighter tires that all point forward work better together, which can deliver more traction and ultimately, heightened engine response. Lighter tires may also increase horsepower, such as carbon-fiber wheels.

Do you want to improve the performance and efficiency of your luxury German car? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European car service in Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana. We are factory trained mechanics who specialize in German and European vehicles.

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European Auto Repair and Service -  Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800
European Auto Repair and Service – Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Am I Covered By Insurance if a Tree Falls on My Car?

Fallen trees can happen out of nowhere. The next thing you know, your power is out for the next eight hours until the electrical company can repair a telephone pole across the street that was suddenly hit by a large tree. But what if your car is the target of a fallen tree or heavy tree limb? Are you covered by your auto insurance policy?

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about your car insurance policy in the case of a tree falling on top of your car.

Tree Damage Auto Repair Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800
Tree Damage Auto Repair Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

Liability Car Insurance Does Not Cover Tree Damage

Tree damage can cause an extensive amount of repair needs to a vehicle, especially older cars, or rare models whose parts can be obsolete or difficult to track down. Having adequate car insurance coverage in the case of an unexpected fallen tree can be a great asset, whether you need automotive repair or a whole new car.

All states require basic liability insurance coverage for drivers, regardless of the vehicle make or model. A liability car insurance policy helps to cover property damages and bodily injury expenses to another driver and/or their passengers. It does not, however, cover car damages caused by falling objects, in this case, trees or tree limbs.

Additional Car Insurance Coverage

In some states, additional automotive coverage may be required by law, such as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, gap insurance coverage, and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. In all states, drivers have the option of choosing additional automotive insurance plans, such as comprehensive automotive insurance coverage, rental reimbursement coverage, and new car replacement coverage. All of these automotive insurance policies would help cover damages caused by a falling tree or branch.

Comprehensive Auto Coverage

Comprehensive car insurance is the standard among drivers here in Indiana. Most Hoosiers have comprehensive automotive insurance coverage, which fortunately covers car damages caused by unforeseeable falling objects, like trees and tree limbs. That is because comprehensive car insurance is meant to cover damage to your vehicle that’s caused by incidences other than a car wreck.

In addition to fallen tree damages, comprehensive car insurance policies will generally help pay for theft, vandalism, wildlife tampering, and inclement weather damages such as hail. Comprehensive automotive insurance coverage is an optional upgrade to basic liability coverage for all drivers in Indiana. However, it is required for drivers who are financing or leasing a car.

Coverage Limits and Deductibles

Before making a claim with your car insurance carrier for damages caused by a fallen tree or tree limb, it is important to review your coverage limits and your deductible. Your deductible is the payment you will make out-of-pocket, while your coverage limit is the money funded to you by your insurance carrier.

For instance, if your coverage limit is $20K and your deductible is $500, your car insurance carrier will cover automotive damages up to $20K and you only have to pay $500 for it all. If your car is totaled and you have to buy a new one, you would be required to pay your deductible, plus any money owed beyond the remaining $19,500 that your insurance policy would pay out for car replacement.

Homeowners Insurance and Fallen Trees on Cars

If the tree or tree limb falls on top of your car at home, your homeowners’ insurance policy will not cover your automotive damages. Instead, you would file a claim with your automotive insurance carrier. The only time your homeowners’ insurance policy will pay for automotive damages caused by a fallen tree or tree limb is if your tree on your property falls onto a neighbor’s car or a visitor’s car.

Are you looking for trusted auto repair service that is compatible with your insurance policy? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European auto services in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana. We work on all European vehicles, but specialize in BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi repairs and services.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

How to ‘Break In’ a Brand New Car

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you might hear someone tell you to “break it in, slowly.” But do new cars need to be “broken in?” They aren’t shoes, after all. What does breaking in a new car even entail? How long does it take to break in a new car? Well, in the automotive industry, this is known as conditioning, and it is a good mechanical run-in for new vehicles within the first thousand miles of driving.

Continue below to learn what you need to know about breaking in a new car or truck, and what you can do to ensure that your new ride transitions into a daily driver smoothly.

New Car Repair Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800
New Car Repair Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800

Engine Care in the First 500 to 1,000 Miles

Breaking in a new car is known as automotive conditioning, which is essentially a mechanical warm-up recommended for brand new vehicles with little to no miles on them. Really, automotive conditioning is all about the engine rather than the vehicle in its entirety. The break-in period will vary depending on the make and model of a car, but usually, it is suggested to be between the first 500 miles and 1,000 miles. The conditioning period may be extended for vehicles that are not driven as often or with larger-than-standard engines.

Benefits of Auto Conditioning

This conditioning period is good for new cars because it allows the engine to begin the journey of wear and tear, evenly and smoothly. The combination of low and consistent pressure, ambient operating temperatures, and efficient oil flow can ease the engine load as its lifespan begins. All of this can help to reduce mechanical problems within the engine and connected internal parts down the line. Working the engine too hard too soon can affect the piston rings, cylinder walls, and more.

Fortunately, modern automotive manufacturing innovations and technologies have significantly reduced break in periods for most vehicles. However, you can still do your part to protect your new car engine from premature wear down, plus support optimal longevity and performance.

What You Can Do to Break In Your Car

To break in a new car, follow these important auto care tips:

▷ Do not push the engine to the red line. Keep your RMPs well-under the red line.

▷ Extend the break in period if you have a high-performance car.

▷ For manual transmissions, always shift gears before the RMPs reach the red line.

▷ Avoid using cruise control. Allow the engine to experience the flushing of RPM intervals.

▷ Avoid driving very short distances. You want to engine to fully warm up on each drive.

▷ Do not have the car towed unless it is a flatbed rig. Towing can put too much load on the engine, tires, and brakes.

Are you looking for a qualified Indianapolis mechanic for your new European car? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for professional European auto repair and service in Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana. We are factory-trained German mechanics who specialize in Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen, but work on all European and British cars.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Why You Should Never Use Dish Soap to Hand Wash a Luxury Car

Your luxury vehicle is an important asset. Not only is it an investment, but it is a special interest piece in your life. For these reasons, your top priority for your luxury vehicle should be to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. Regular maintenance and cleaning are two of the most effective approaches for achieving this collective auto enthusiast goal.

For many luxury brand car owners, hand washing is the only way to go when it comes to a car wash. Automatic car washes, even ones that advertising to be “touchless” can cause structural and aesthetic damages to luxury vehicles, especially low profile cars like Porches and Lamborghinis. So, if you opt to wash your car manually, you are making a safe choice. That is, so long as you do not use dishwashing detergent, even a mild one.

Continue reading to learn why using dish soap to wash a luxury car is a bad idea, and what to use in place of store-bought detergents.

Luxury Car Repair Service Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800
Luxury Car Repair Service Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

The Dangers of Dish Soap Car Washing

There are many reasons why you should never use dishwashing detergent or liquid dish soaps to hand wash your luxury car. Not only can they remove your precious and vital automotive wax and clear coat, but they can also weaken automotive paint UV-resistance, cause rust formation, fog up headlights, pollute the environment, and even pose certain health risks.

Using Dish Soap on a Car Can…

Remove Car Wax

Most dish soaps, even mild formulas, contain harsh ingredients designed to eliminate grease. So, they can easily strip automotive wax after just one application. Overtime, repeated use of dish soap on a luxury car can remove the layer of wax and clear coat, and eventually lead to paint damage.

Reduce UV Protection

Repeated use of dish soap to wash a car can negatively impact the automotive paint’s ability to resist damaging UV light. As a result, paint will fade, peel, and crack. It also makes your cabin a lot hotter in the warmer seasons of the year.

Lead to Rust Formation

Oxidation is a common consequence of using dish soap to wash cars. Oxidation is rust, and it forms due to a combination of sunlight, moisture, and oxygen exposure. When automotive wax and paint are jeopardized or in poor condition, dish soap applications can quickly lead to rust formation.

Cause Foggy Headlights

Dish soap can cause your car’s headlights to fog up because of the suds produced during the cleansing process. Soap residues will buildup on the surface of the headlights overtime, causing a hazy, cloudy appearance that is not easily reversed.

Pollute the Environment

Most dish detergents are not safe for the surrounding environment. Even mild solutions contain man-made chemicals and stringent ingredients that can be harmful to plant life, wildlife, and the atmosphere. Soapy water runoff can enter the local sewer systems and storm drains, which can lead to further pollution to our underground water tables, ponds, oceans, lakes, streams, and more.

Threaten Your Health

Believe it or not, using dish soap to wash your beloved car on a regular basis can be bad for your health. Detergents, as mentioned, contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that can be toxic to the environment. Well, they are just as toxic to our health. Ingredients like DMDM Hydantoin, formaldehyde, and sulfuric acid are common in dish soap, and proven to be harmful.

What to Use Instead of Dish Soap

Always use a detergent that is specially designed for car washing. You can buy these products at any local department store, auto parts store, or online retailer. Make sure the detergent is compatible with your particular car wax and paint.

Are you looking for specialized auto repair for your luxury European vehicle? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European auto services in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana. We work on all European vehicles, but specialize in BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi repairs and services.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

How to Make Your BMW More Eco-Friendly

If you modified your lifestyle habits to be more environmentally-friendly a long time ago, you will certainly appreciate the idea of going green with your BMW! Continue reading to learn how you can make your cherished BMW more Eco-friendly and which European auto shop to trust for superior factory-trained service in Indianapolis.

BMW Auto Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800
BMW Auto Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800

Going Green With Your BMW

You can protect the surrounding environment with mindful changes with your BMW car or SUV. Not only can these greener habits and objectives help you support environmental preservation and protection, but it will also save you some cash! Here are the top ways you can be greener, which in turn can make your BMW Eco-friendlier:

Stay Current on All BMW Maintenance

Routine maintenance is one of the most important elements of car care. There is a good reason why the manufacturer recommends a variety of scheduled services for your BMW. So, trust in the mechanical engineers and automakers when they tell you to you get an oil change, change your brake pads, or tune up your engine. With routine BMW maintenance, you can ensure your Bimmer is in tip-top shape, which allows it to perform at optimal levels of efficiency. Not only is this better on the environment, but it also saves you on fuel costs.

Practice Safe Automotive Fuel Disposal

Automotive fluids are toxic to the environment, and therefore, should be disposed of responsibly. If you would like to go green with your BMW, be sure you are getting rid of oil coolant, motor oil, and gasoline according to local and state regulations. Check with your county to see designated spots for chemical disposal, then be one step closer to greener driving!

Recycle Your Old Tires

Almost everything within a vehicle is recyclable, including the tires. And rubber is an important commodity that should be recycled at every chance you get. Mining for new ores generates a lot of pollution and uses massive amounts of resources. You can help reduce mining needs and support the preservation of our natural resources by always recycling your old tires before buying new ones.

Drive a Reduced Speeds

Sure, your BMW is sporty and fast, but that doesn’t mean you have to drive it like you are on a racetrack. By slowing down a bit, you can reduce your fuel consumption, which can have a positive trickle effect on preserving our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Take Stuff Out of the Trunk

A heavier car uses more fuel, which in turn drives up the demand for gasoline, and with it, prices. Higher fuel demands mean exhausting more and more resources that could otherwise be preserved. When you take extra stuff out of the trunk, you can lighten your BMW’s load and support this Eco-friendly initiate. It is recommended to keep emergency roadside items in there, like spare tires and kits.

Are you looking for trusted European mechanics in your area? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for BMW service and repair in Carmel, Indiana. Our German mechanics are factory-trained with more than 25 years of experience in the automotive service industry.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

How to Make Your Audi Last More Than 300,000 Miles

Audi drivers love their vehicles, and they want to keep them in top condition for as long as possible. As a first time Audi owner yourself, it is important to start out with good car care habits before you make any mistakes that can impact or reduce the lifespan of your luxury ride. So, be sure to educate yourself on industry best practices for Audi maintenance and implement them according to manufacturer’s instructions. With good care, you can keep your Audi in great shape, and therefore, in the family for many years.

Continue reading to learn how to make your Audi last more than 300,000 miles, as well as who to trust in Carmel, Indiana for top-rated European auto repair and service.

Audi Maintenance Service Indianapolis IN 317-571-0800
Audi Maintenance Service Indianapolis IN 317-571-0800

Audi Maintenance and Care

Audi’s are designed to last for a long time, as they are top luxury cars manufactured with superior materials and parts. But that’s not to say that Audi’s can run into some performance issues and safety concerns. Without proper care and maintenance, your Audi can suffer internal damages and pose several safety threats to you and your passengers, and others on the road.

It is important to stay current on all Audi maintenance and repair as recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions. You can refer to the owner’s manual for these manufacturer recommendations for factory scheduled maintenance, or you can download a copy online. You can also contact your local European auto repair shop for answers to your Audi questions.

Reaching a Six-Figure Milestone With Your Audi

If you want to keep your Audi in the family long enough for your kid to enjoy it as their first vehicle, you must set out with a viable automotive maintenance plan. To ensure that your Audi safely makes it to 300,000 miles and beyond, focus on these critical European auto maintenance recommendations:

Stay Current on All Factory Scheduled Maintenance

As mentioned, it is important to follow all factory scheduled maintenance for your Audi. If you do not have an owner’s manual, you can download a copy online or contact your local European automotive shop for recommendations on Audi maintenance schedule. Staying current with all scheduled maintenance is comparable to taking care of your own body to live a long life. This is one of the most effective and critical elements to increasing the life of your Audi.

Use an Independent European Auto Repair Shop

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your Audi. It is important to choose a factory-trained European automotive mechanic who specializes in European and German automotive services. Furthermore, steer clear of national chains. These types of auto repair companies cannot give you personalized and authentic service. Instead, look for an independently owned and operated European auto repair shop in Indianapolis.

Do Not Use Cheap Auto Parts

At some point, your Audi will require some parts replacements. When this time comes, it is very important that you choose top-quality, compatible auto parts. Stay away from buying cheap auto parts, as they will significantly reduce the lifespan of your Audi. Furthermore, be sure to procure your replacement Audi auto parts from a specialized European automotive parts dealer in Indianapolis.

Not sure which Indianapolis mechanic to trust with your Audi? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for Audi repair and factory car maintenance in Carmel, Indiana. We are German factory-trained mechanics with decades of experience specializing in European automotive service and repair.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Why You Should Recycle Your Car Battery Instead of Throwing it Out

Every car’s battery will eventually need to be replaced. Most people take their cars into a certified auto shop and have them removed and replaced by a professional, while others are able to change their car battery themselves. Either way, it is crucial that the battery is disposed of properly, or even better, recycled.

Continue below to learn why it is vital that you practice safe and lawful car battery disposal, and how to recycle them near you.

Car Battery Replacement Indianapolis Carmel IN 317-571-0800
Car Battery Replacement Indianapolis Carmel IN 317-571-0800

Safe and Responsible Car Battery Disposal

Car batteries cannot just be thrown away in the trash like the rest of our garbage. The disposal of car batteries should be taken very seriously. This is because an average 12 volt car battery contains heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and hazardous materials. These toxins can jeopardize the safety of animal, plant, and human health. Water pollution and soil contamination are just a few serious consequences of improper battery disposal.

Always be sure to look up the proper ways to dispose of car batteries in your neighborhood or consult a professional for assistance. If you are disposing of a car battery on your own, be sure to know how to safely handle one. Always wear gloves and safety goggles, and make sure the battery is always facing up when stored or transported.  

Benefits of Recycling Car Batteries

Car batteries should always be recycled, even if they are depleted. Car batteries are still useful in their after-life because they contain reusable materials that can be easily recycled into new car batteries.  Materials such as lead, plastic, and battery acid can all be reused for alternative parts and new car batteries. 

It can be easy to recycle your car battery, as many recycling centers will simply accept your old battery without notice or fees. Also, most Carmel, IN auto mechanics will recycle your old car battery for you if you have the new one installed at their auto repair shop. There is also a program that runs throughout the United States and Canada called the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC).  It allows businesses and people to recycle their car batteries for free. 

Would you like more information about safely recycling old auto parts in Indianapolis? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for trusted mechanic advice and assistance with auto electrical repair in Carmel, Indiana. We also sell refurbished used auto parts for European cars.

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European Auto Repair Carmel Indiana
European Auto Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

FAQS About Car Engine Flushes

Your car is an important asset, which is why routine automotive service is so vital to your vehicle’s overall safety, dependability, and longevity. As the heart of your vehicle, the motor is connected to all mechanical functions, and requires a strict standard of care to ensure optimal efficiency. One recommended service that is often overlooked by vehicle owners is car engine flushing. Have you every considered having your vehicle’s engine flushed? Not sure what an engine flush does?

Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions about car engine flushes, including where to get first-class automotive service for European vehicles in Indianapolis.

Car Maintenance Engine Service 317-571-0800
Car Maintenance Engine Service 317-571-0800

Frequently Asked Questions About Engine Flushing

What is an Engine Flush?

An engine flush is a service that clears unwanted buildup within the inner workings and terminals of a vehicle’s motor. The process begins by removing the old motor oil. Then, specially-formulated chemicals are poured into the engine, which is left to idle for a few minutes while the cleaning solutions distribute through all areas. Afterwards, the cleaning agents are drained from the motor and new, clean oil is poured back in.

Should I Get an Engine Flush for My Car?

Many auto manufacturers suggest that engine flushes are NOT a good idea for modern vehicles because they are already designed and equipped with resistant mechanical parts that are not prone to deposit formation. In fact, an engine flush can damage newer model cars. Older cars on the other hand may benefit greatly from an engine flush.

Can I Flush My Own Car Engine?

Although it is possible to flush your car engine yourself, it is not recommended. Engine flushing should be administered by a certified mechanic or auto technician. Many things can go wrong, from using the improper chemical solutions to sustaining injuries and much more. Unless you are well-versed in automotive maintenance and have flushed your car engine before, it is strongly encouraged to have it done by a licensed and insured professional.

What are the Benefits of a Car Engine Flush?

There are many benefits to keeping your car engine clean. But the most noteworthy advantages include the removal of old deposits and buildup, keep your fresh motor oil cleaner for longer, giving your engine a fresh slate, clean the deposits that are missed by the filters, and giving your engine parts a good cleaning.

Can Engine Flushing Improve Fuel Efficiency?

There should not be any notable difference in fuel efficiency or gas mileage after having your engine flushed. The best way to ensure optimal fuel efficiency is through factory scheduled maintenance, good driving habits, and quality tires.

How Often Do I Need to Flush My Car Engine?

If your older car is a good candidate for an engine flush, you should only need one. For instance, if you are planning to sell or hand down an old car, you may want to flush the engine first. From there, good auto care will keep your engine in good condition and abate gunk buildup.

Are you looking for professional automotive service for your European car? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for factory scheduled car maintenance in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana. We are German-trained mechanics specializing in European make and model vehicles.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Recommended Automotive Maintenance for a Car You Barely Drive

If you are the owner of a classic, exotic, or luxury vehicle, it is likely that you barely drive your beloved car more than you have to. Rare and high-end vehicles are important and special investment, one that most enthusiasts wish to keep an optimal condition for as long as possible. Since you rarely drive your exotic or luxury car, it’s factory maintenance schedule will differ from your primary vehicle.

Continue reading to learn the recommended automotive maintenance for a car you barely Drive, whether it is a luxury European car or an old American classic.

European Auto Service Carmel Indianapolis 317-571-0800
European Auto Service Indianapolis 317-571-0800

How to Care for Infrequently Driven Cars

For cars that are driven infrequently, regular scheduled automotive maintenance will be quite different from your everyday primary vehicle. From oil changes and car brake inspections to engine and radiator flushes, fluid refills, tire rotations, and even minor repairs, the schedule and frequency in which you tend to your rarely driven car will be almost opposite of your main ride.

On the other hand, because you drive your beloved vehicle so infrequently, there are also certain types of automotive maintenance that needs to be done more often compared to your primary vehicle. Things like gaskets and seals tend to dry out and shrink faster when vehicles are not driven regularly, and even tires can endure some inflation leakage and similar wear-and-tear problems.

What automotive maintenance matters most for a barely driven car? Here are the top 4 areas to focus on when caring for a vehicle that you rarely drive:

Car Battery

It is very common for car batteries to slowly discharge when they are not driven for long periods of time, as early as one month. To avoid a dead car battery, be sure to take your car out for a ride on a regular basis. Every time you turn on your engine, the alternator produces electricity and powers everything in the vehicle, which also recharges the battery. If taking a regular spin around the block is not possible, consider keeping a trickle charger on it at all times.

☑ Car Tires

Because car tires are slightly porous, they will slowly deflate over time if the vehicle is not periodically driven, or the tires are not periodically serviced. They can even go flat entirely. On average, tires on a sitting car will lose 1 to 2 pounds per square inch (PSI) in as little as 30 days. Not only is it unsafe to operate a vehicle with underinflated or flat tires, but it can also cause automotive damage in several other areas of the vehicle, which will cost you some money.

Be sure to inspect your tire inflation on regular basis and make adjustments as needed, and take your car out periodically for a quick spin to avoid flat spots on your tires, especially if you have a low profile vehicle, like a Lamborghini or Porsche. Keep in mind that low profile vehicles can develop tire inflation problems in as little as a few weeks.

Car Brakes

In other area to focus on when it comes to taking care of your barely driven car are the brakes. Over time, brake rotors can corrode over time and develop rust, which can lead to grinding breaks and additional automotive damages. This is very unsafe conditions to operate a vehicle, so it is important to inspect your car brakes on a regular basis to ensure that the pads and rotors are both in optimal condition.

☑ Car Fluids

Did you know that gasoline actually expires? The fuel in your fuel tank does go bad, so if you don’t drive your car often enough, be sure to flush the fuel tank and keep a spare can of gas on hand whenever you’re ready to take it out for a spin. Not sure how to dispose of old gasoline? You must first place it in government-certified containers. Opt for the standard, red “jerry cans” you can buy at any local gas station or automotive store. Then look for a local hazardous waste removal or collection center that will accept your contaminated or old gasoline jugs. If you do not have any luck with a hazardous waste disposal center, try your town’s fire department.

Does your luxury or European vehicle need some automotive care right now? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European car maintenance in Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana. We are German factory trained mechanics who specialize in German and European vehicles.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Car Care Tips for Import Vehicles

If you are a lover of luxury vehicles, then you are most likely an import car owner. Import automobiles are known for their specialty features, inimitable qualities, and aesthetic distinctiveness. On top of this, their performance and drivability are among the finest in the market. This and more are reasons why import car owners are urged to seek specialized care, as well as devote duteous attention to the maintenance and upkeep of their valued automobile.

Continue reading to learn exactly how to accomplish these import auto care goals!

Import Car Maintenance and Repair Indianapolis
Import Car Maintenance and Repair Indianapolis 317-571-0800

Exterior Import Car Care

When it comes to the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle, regular is the word to keep in mind. Routine washes and waxing will ensure the vehicle’s coat retains its original luster and shine. It will also provide protection against harsh outdoor elements and bad weather.

Note that routine washes and waxes are recommended, not frequent ones. Too much washing and over waxing can strip the paint and fade the coat color over time. Be sure to know the appropriate routine maintenance schedule for your make or model import car to ensure accurate care and preservation.

Interior Import Auto Maintenance

Aside from the aesthetic maintenance of your import vehicle, careful consideration of maintaining the insides is just as crucial. Regular scheduled care also includes the upkeep of the engine and all other inner components of the vehicle. It is highly recommended to consult a professional import auto repair specialist for details about your individual car’s required maintenance. A licensed Carmel Indianapolis import auto mechanic retains the knowledge, experience, and equipment to restore and maintenance an import car effectively.

Auto Repair and Parts Replacement for Import Vehicles

If your import car needs repaired or have a part replaced, be sure to use genuine replacement parts.  Foreign vehicles are delicate, and require superior auto parts for quality performance. Using bad parts can cause costly damages down the road, and harm the value of the car altogether. Be sure all auto parts being installed on your import vehicle are manufacturer approved.

DIY Import Car Inspections

As you drive your import automobile every day, stay in tune with its performance and activity. Listen to the engine and see if you notice anything unusual or off. Also, inspect your car tires periodically for wear and tear.  These are some of the best ways to detect damages prematurely, to avoid further harm and repairs. 

Looking for a German factory trained mechanic for your import or European vehicle? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European auto services in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana. We work on all European vehicles, but specialize in BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi repairs and services.

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