How to ‘Break In’ a Brand New Car

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you might hear someone tell you to “break it in, slowly.” But do new cars need to be “broken in?” They aren’t shoes, after all. What does breaking in a new car even entail? How long does it take to break in a new car? Well, in the automotive industry, this is known as conditioning, and it is a good mechanical run-in for new vehicles within the first thousand miles of driving.

Continue below to learn what you need to know about breaking in a new car or truck, and what you can do to ensure that your new ride transitions into a daily driver smoothly.

New Car Repair Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800
New Car Repair Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800

Engine Care in the First 500 to 1,000 Miles

Breaking in a new car is known as automotive conditioning, which is essentially a mechanical warm-up recommended for brand new vehicles with little to no miles on them. Really, automotive conditioning is all about the engine rather than the vehicle in its entirety. The break-in period will vary depending on the make and model of a car, but usually, it is suggested to be between the first 500 miles and 1,000 miles. The conditioning period may be extended for vehicles that are not driven as often or with larger-than-standard engines.

Benefits of Auto Conditioning

This conditioning period is good for new cars because it allows the engine to begin the journey of wear and tear, evenly and smoothly. The combination of low and consistent pressure, ambient operating temperatures, and efficient oil flow can ease the engine load as its lifespan begins. All of this can help to reduce mechanical problems within the engine and connected internal parts down the line. Working the engine too hard too soon can affect the piston rings, cylinder walls, and more.

Fortunately, modern automotive manufacturing innovations and technologies have significantly reduced break in periods for most vehicles. However, you can still do your part to protect your new car engine from premature wear down, plus support optimal longevity and performance.

What You Can Do to Break In Your Car

To break in a new car, follow these important auto care tips:

▷ Do not push the engine to the red line. Keep your RMPs well-under the red line.

▷ Extend the break in period if you have a high-performance car.

▷ For manual transmissions, always shift gears before the RMPs reach the red line.

▷ Avoid using cruise control. Allow the engine to experience the flushing of RPM intervals.

▷ Avoid driving very short distances. You want to engine to fully warm up on each drive.

▷ Do not have the car towed unless it is a flatbed rig. Towing can put too much load on the engine, tires, and brakes.

Are you looking for a qualified Indianapolis mechanic for your new European car? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for professional European auto repair and service in Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana. We are factory-trained German mechanics who specialize in Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen, but work on all European and British cars.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

How to Make Your Audi Last More Than 300,000 Miles

Audi drivers love their vehicles, and they want to keep them in top condition for as long as possible. As a first time Audi owner yourself, it is important to start out with good car care habits before you make any mistakes that can impact or reduce the lifespan of your luxury ride. So, be sure to educate yourself on industry best practices for Audi maintenance and implement them according to manufacturer’s instructions. With good care, you can keep your Audi in great shape, and therefore, in the family for many years.

Continue reading to learn how to make your Audi last more than 300,000 miles, as well as who to trust in Carmel, Indiana for top-rated European auto repair and service.

Audi Maintenance Service Indianapolis IN 317-571-0800
Audi Maintenance Service Indianapolis IN 317-571-0800

Audi Maintenance and Care

Audi’s are designed to last for a long time, as they are top luxury cars manufactured with superior materials and parts. But that’s not to say that Audi’s can run into some performance issues and safety concerns. Without proper care and maintenance, your Audi can suffer internal damages and pose several safety threats to you and your passengers, and others on the road.

It is important to stay current on all Audi maintenance and repair as recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions. You can refer to the owner’s manual for these manufacturer recommendations for factory scheduled maintenance, or you can download a copy online. You can also contact your local European auto repair shop for answers to your Audi questions.

Reaching a Six-Figure Milestone With Your Audi

If you want to keep your Audi in the family long enough for your kid to enjoy it as their first vehicle, you must set out with a viable automotive maintenance plan. To ensure that your Audi safely makes it to 300,000 miles and beyond, focus on these critical European auto maintenance recommendations:

Stay Current on All Factory Scheduled Maintenance

As mentioned, it is important to follow all factory scheduled maintenance for your Audi. If you do not have an owner’s manual, you can download a copy online or contact your local European automotive shop for recommendations on Audi maintenance schedule. Staying current with all scheduled maintenance is comparable to taking care of your own body to live a long life. This is one of the most effective and critical elements to increasing the life of your Audi.

Use an Independent European Auto Repair Shop

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your Audi. It is important to choose a factory-trained European automotive mechanic who specializes in European and German automotive services. Furthermore, steer clear of national chains. These types of auto repair companies cannot give you personalized and authentic service. Instead, look for an independently owned and operated European auto repair shop in Indianapolis.

Do Not Use Cheap Auto Parts

At some point, your Audi will require some parts replacements. When this time comes, it is very important that you choose top-quality, compatible auto parts. Stay away from buying cheap auto parts, as they will significantly reduce the lifespan of your Audi. Furthermore, be sure to procure your replacement Audi auto parts from a specialized European automotive parts dealer in Indianapolis.

Not sure which Indianapolis mechanic to trust with your Audi? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for Audi repair and factory car maintenance in Carmel, Indiana. We are German factory-trained mechanics with decades of experience specializing in European automotive service and repair.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Recommended Automotive Maintenance for a Car You Barely Drive

If you are the owner of a classic, exotic, or luxury vehicle, it is likely that you barely drive your beloved car more than you have to. Rare and high-end vehicles are important and special investment, one that most enthusiasts wish to keep an optimal condition for as long as possible. Since you rarely drive your exotic or luxury car, it’s factory maintenance schedule will differ from your primary vehicle.

Continue reading to learn the recommended automotive maintenance for a car you barely Drive, whether it is a luxury European car or an old American classic.

European Auto Service Carmel Indianapolis 317-571-0800
European Auto Service Indianapolis 317-571-0800

How to Care for Infrequently Driven Cars

For cars that are driven infrequently, regular scheduled automotive maintenance will be quite different from your everyday primary vehicle. From oil changes and car brake inspections to engine and radiator flushes, fluid refills, tire rotations, and even minor repairs, the schedule and frequency in which you tend to your rarely driven car will be almost opposite of your main ride.

On the other hand, because you drive your beloved vehicle so infrequently, there are also certain types of automotive maintenance that needs to be done more often compared to your primary vehicle. Things like gaskets and seals tend to dry out and shrink faster when vehicles are not driven regularly, and even tires can endure some inflation leakage and similar wear-and-tear problems.

What automotive maintenance matters most for a barely driven car? Here are the top 4 areas to focus on when caring for a vehicle that you rarely drive:

Car Battery

It is very common for car batteries to slowly discharge when they are not driven for long periods of time, as early as one month. To avoid a dead car battery, be sure to take your car out for a ride on a regular basis. Every time you turn on your engine, the alternator produces electricity and powers everything in the vehicle, which also recharges the battery. If taking a regular spin around the block is not possible, consider keeping a trickle charger on it at all times.

☑ Car Tires

Because car tires are slightly porous, they will slowly deflate over time if the vehicle is not periodically driven, or the tires are not periodically serviced. They can even go flat entirely. On average, tires on a sitting car will lose 1 to 2 pounds per square inch (PSI) in as little as 30 days. Not only is it unsafe to operate a vehicle with underinflated or flat tires, but it can also cause automotive damage in several other areas of the vehicle, which will cost you some money.

Be sure to inspect your tire inflation on regular basis and make adjustments as needed, and take your car out periodically for a quick spin to avoid flat spots on your tires, especially if you have a low profile vehicle, like a Lamborghini or Porsche. Keep in mind that low profile vehicles can develop tire inflation problems in as little as a few weeks.

Car Brakes

In other area to focus on when it comes to taking care of your barely driven car are the brakes. Over time, brake rotors can corrode over time and develop rust, which can lead to grinding breaks and additional automotive damages. This is very unsafe conditions to operate a vehicle, so it is important to inspect your car brakes on a regular basis to ensure that the pads and rotors are both in optimal condition.

☑ Car Fluids

Did you know that gasoline actually expires? The fuel in your fuel tank does go bad, so if you don’t drive your car often enough, be sure to flush the fuel tank and keep a spare can of gas on hand whenever you’re ready to take it out for a spin. Not sure how to dispose of old gasoline? You must first place it in government-certified containers. Opt for the standard, red “jerry cans” you can buy at any local gas station or automotive store. Then look for a local hazardous waste removal or collection center that will accept your contaminated or old gasoline jugs. If you do not have any luck with a hazardous waste disposal center, try your town’s fire department.

Does your luxury or European vehicle need some automotive care right now? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European car maintenance in Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana. We are German factory trained mechanics who specialize in German and European vehicles.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Where to Get Top Quality European Car Repair in Indianapolis

Get the best deals for European auto repair in Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana! Autohaus Dierolf offers the highest quality workmanship at a fraction of the cost for European and German car repair and service! Continue below to learn what we can do for you!

European Car Repair Carmel Indiana
European Car Repair Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

European Auto Repair Shop in Indianapolis

Autohaus Dierolf is a family owned and operated European auto repair shop in Carmel, Indiana. For more than 30 years, we have made a name for ourselves in the European and German auto enthusiast world with our skilled workmanship and honest prices. Our German factory trained specialists are extensively experienced and knowledgeable in all automotive repair and maintenance procedures, and specialize in popular brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen. Best of all, we offer warranties on all our work.

Dealership Quality European Auto Repair at Neighborhood Prices

As a company, we strongly value honesty, integrity, and other moral Midwesterner values, so you can trust you are getting the best quality work at the fairest and most competitive price in Indianapolis! Although we specialize in European car repair and service, we also provide auto services for all make and model German and British vehicles. And on top of honest and fair prices, you can speak directly with an ASE licensed mechanic about European and German auto repair, anytime!

Indianapolis German Car Repair Service You Can Count On

Autohaus Dierolf is your solution to quality European auto repair and service you can afford. We offer the most competitive prices for service, repairs, parts, and labor, and we never price gouge or tack-on hidden or surprise fees to final bills. When you take your vehicle to European, you can rest assure that your European and German car is in the most caring and capable hands in town. We are true German-trained mechanics who have been working in the industry since 1968!

Located on 429 West Carmel Drive, in Carmel, Indiana, you can easily find or visit our Indianapolis auto repair shop! Contact us today at 317-571-0800 to request a free quote or to schedule an appointment.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Car Care Tips for Import Vehicles

If you are a lover of luxury vehicles, then you are most likely an import car owner. Import automobiles are known for their specialty features, inimitable qualities, and aesthetic distinctiveness. On top of this, their performance and drivability are among the finest in the market. This and more are reasons why import car owners are urged to seek specialized care, as well as devote duteous attention to the maintenance and upkeep of their valued automobile.

Continue reading to learn exactly how to accomplish these import auto care goals!

Import Car Maintenance and Repair Indianapolis
Import Car Maintenance and Repair Indianapolis 317-571-0800

Exterior Import Car Care

When it comes to the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle, regular is the word to keep in mind. Routine washes and waxing will ensure the vehicle’s coat retains its original luster and shine. It will also provide protection against harsh outdoor elements and bad weather.

Note that routine washes and waxes are recommended, not frequent ones. Too much washing and over waxing can strip the paint and fade the coat color over time. Be sure to know the appropriate routine maintenance schedule for your make or model import car to ensure accurate care and preservation.

Interior Import Auto Maintenance

Aside from the aesthetic maintenance of your import vehicle, careful consideration of maintaining the insides is just as crucial. Regular scheduled care also includes the upkeep of the engine and all other inner components of the vehicle. It is highly recommended to consult a professional import auto repair specialist for details about your individual car’s required maintenance. A licensed Carmel Indianapolis import auto mechanic retains the knowledge, experience, and equipment to restore and maintenance an import car effectively.

Auto Repair and Parts Replacement for Import Vehicles

If your import car needs repaired or have a part replaced, be sure to use genuine replacement parts.  Foreign vehicles are delicate, and require superior auto parts for quality performance. Using bad parts can cause costly damages down the road, and harm the value of the car altogether. Be sure all auto parts being installed on your import vehicle are manufacturer approved.

DIY Import Car Inspections

As you drive your import automobile every day, stay in tune with its performance and activity. Listen to the engine and see if you notice anything unusual or off. Also, inspect your car tires periodically for wear and tear.  These are some of the best ways to detect damages prematurely, to avoid further harm and repairs. 

Looking for a German factory trained mechanic for your import or European vehicle? Contact Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European auto services in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana. We work on all European vehicles, but specialize in BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi repairs and services.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

How to Get Transmission Repair for European Cars Cheaper Than the Dealer

Are you having transmission troubles with your German or European vehicle? Are you even sure it’s the transmission that causing problems in Indianapolis? If so, you need a skilled German factory trained mechanic who thoroughly understands European automotive transmission work. With over 50 years of hands-on experience, you can trust that Autohaus Dierolf knows European transmissions.

Continue below to learn how we can service and repair European automotive transmissions faster, better, and cheaper than the dealer and any other local competitors!

Carmel Indianapolis European Auto Repair
Carmel Indianapolis European Auto Repair 317-571-0800

Dealer-Level Transmission Service at a Fraction of the Cost

Here at Autohaus Dierolf, our German factory-trained automotive mechanics provide a wide range of dealer-level transmission repair and diagnostics for all make and model European and German vehicles. We can precisely diagnose an issue faster, and repair it cheaper than any local competitor, especially the car dealerships!

 Since 1968, we have helped countless Hoosiers with their vehicle transmission problems, and at the same time, have helped them save thousands of dollars on transmission repair. But it’s not always the transmission that needs work, even though all the signs might be pointing toward transmission repair. And our expert German factory-trained mechanics know this principle the best.

You see, dealerships and competitor auto shops purposely quote “ballpark” figures and estimates for transmission repairs, especially when it comes to European vehicles. They usually quote an average of $2200 or more because their strategy is to first dig deeper into the transmission so that they can come up with additional repairs to charge you for.

But as a family owned and operated business, Autohaus Dierolf understands the value of a dollar, and we never overcharge for auto services. Most often, our mechanics find there isn’t a problem with the transmission at all! That’s because what may seem like an issue with a car transmission is actually the result of several other minor factors. This is just one way we save customers money on transmission repair in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana!

Why Choose Autohaus Dierolf?

☑ European Automotive Specialists
☑ 50+ Years of Experience
☑ Economy-Based Prices
☑ Dealer-Level Diagnostics
☑ Modern Diagnostic Technology
☑ Auto Repair Coupons
☑ Family Owned and Operated
☑ Independently Owned Auto Shop
☑ In Business Since 1968
☑ Free Written Estimates
☑ Honest Midwestern Values

Looking to get a free estimate for transmission repair service in Indianapolis? Contact our Carmel, Indiana European auto repair shop at 317-571-0800 to set up an appointment.

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European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Recommended Pre-Winter Maintenance for European Cars

Your European or British vehicle puts the “import” in important when it comes to import auto maintenance and service. Without routine maintenance for your import vehicle, you risk damaging several components, minimizing its performance capacity, and its decreasing lifespan.  Not only is this a costly negligence, but it is also a dangerous one as well. A poorly maintained import car is a safety hazard to its driver and other drivers on the road. It is also a wallet-drainer.

Import auto maintenance is vitally important for these reasons and more. And if you are like most European car owners, you are passionate about your make and model vehicle and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it in excellent condition. One part of this is pre-winter maintenance. Now that the warm weather is behind us, it is the right time to have your import vehicle serviced before the winter climate and precipitation sets in.

Continue reading to learn tips for pre-winter European car maintenance, and get started before the snow is here!

European Auto Repair and Service
European Auto Repair and Service – Carmel, Indiana – 317-571-0800

European and German Auto Maintenance


Filters are the first place to start. After a summer stint, the filters in your vehicle needs to be cleaned or replaced. This includes air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters. At this stage, you want to also have the PCV valves inspected and serviced to ensure the engine runs smoothly during the winter.

Motor Oil Changes

Oil changes are always a mandatory necessity every 3,000 miles or so. In the fall, right before the winter, an oil change is imperative for the vehicle’s winter performance and safety. During an oil change, mechanics will also change the oil filter. This is one maintenance requirement that is absolutely necessary.

Fluid Replacements

With winter comes precipitation, and quite unpredictable precipitation at that. This means you need to make sure your views are never obstructed while driving, especially during a snowstorm. For this reason, be sure to re-fill your windshield wiper fluid to the top, and then keep an extra bottle in the trunk for emergency re-fill needs on the road. Rubber wiper blades are highly recommended, as they are less likely to freeze.

Car Battery

Now comes automotive battery maintenance. You need to have your car’s battery inspected, serviced, or replaced, depending on the type and its condition. Your battery is responsible for getting the engine started, so without it, you can forget driving anywhere. Read your owners’ manual for information about car battery maintenance and care, so you can better prevent draining it.

Looking for a German Factory Trained Mechanic in Carmel, Indiana?

Call Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for dependable car maintenance and repair in Carmel, Indiana for European cars. Our licensed, German Factory-trained mechanics specialize in European and British cars, and provide a wide range of automotive services and repairs at affordable prices. Call 317-571-0800 to request a free estimate, today.

European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Most Reasonably Priced European Car Brands in 2020

If you are yearning for a luxury vehicle, but not sure your bank account can cover a Bentley or Rolls Royce, skip the higher-priced British brands, and instead, try test driving some of the more affordable European ones! Just visit your local dealerships and online vendors to find the best deal on a new or used model!

In the meantime, continue reading to review the top 4 recommended European automotive brands on the market today.

European Auto Repair and Servic
European Auto Repair and Service in Carmel, Indiana 317-571-0800

Shop Top Luxury Cars on a Budget


Audi brand vehicles are phenomenal automobiles with a long history of meticulous designs, careful manufacturing, and irresistible detail. They are known as high-end luxury vehicles for these three reasons, and more. This line of German cars is marked by their slogan of, “Truth in Engineering,” because they are truly engineered as one of the top automotive brands in the world. They are actually a subsidiary of Volkswagen, and the four rings that make up the car’s emblem stand for the four companies that came together to launch the Audi brand over 40 years ago. As high-end luxury cars, they are quite desirable and quite pricy.


BMW make and model automobiles and motorcycles are a German classic. BMW is one of the top three German automakers in the world; alongside Audi and Mercedes Benz.  BMW’s are known for their strong residual value, and long lasting performance capabilities. They are well-respected and admired by many German car enthusiasts. They are wonderful for anyone, from a businessman on the go, to a soccer mom of three. This is because of all the wonderful amenities, features, options, and programs included with the purchase of a BMW. For example, they offer safety pans, roadside assistance, warranties, maintenance programs, and more. The possibilities are endless with this classic German brand automobile.


The Volkswagen line of automobiles is a German brand. They’re best sellers have been the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Passat, both of which are on the list of the ten best selling cars of all-time.  Their vehicles have won numerous awards for safety and more. They are reliable cars that run smooth and retain great gas mileage. They are recommended for people on the road often, or for families with safety concerns. Volkswagen is a solid choice if safety and dependability are on your list of requirements.


Volvo is confused with Volkswagen a lot. They are, in fact, a Swedish automotive manufacturer. Their line includes a long list of sedans, coupes, trucks, SUV’s, and station wagons. Volvo’s are exceptional vehicles of high quality performance and manageability. They are widely known now for their collection of hybrid cars, flexi fuel models, and electric vehicles. This makes Volvo a great selection for someone who wants to help the environment.

After you choose the right European car for yourself, don’t trust just anyone with it, especially the over-priced dealership. Be sure to trust a German factory trained expert for all your factory scheduled maintenance and service needs!

Dealership-Level European Auto Repair and Service at Local Shop Prices

Call Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European auto repair and service in Carmel, Indiana. Our German factory trained mechanics have more than 30 years of experience specializing in European make and model vehicles. We provide a wide range of automotive repairs and services, including factory scheduled maintenance and auto repair. Call 317-571-0800 for affordable and reputable auto maintenance in Carmel, IN today.

European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800

Transmission Repair Solutions for European Car Owners

A vehicle’s transmission is a mixture of refined hydraulics and computer-operated electronic components that allow power to be sent from the engine to the drive axel, in order to produce movement. A vehicle must have a functioning transmission to run properly, and in most cases, at all. When a German or European car transmission becomes damaged, it is time to look into repair options that best suit the circumstances. The type of damage will determine what options a person has for repair.

Continue reading to learn about various transmission repair options for German and European model vehicles.

European Transmission Repair and Service
European Automotive Transmission Repair and Service 317-571-0800

Transmission Repair

The first option for vehicle transmission troubles is repair. If a licensed mechanic determines that your transmission is failing due to a certain part or component within your vehicle, it is better to simple repair it, or replace the part with a functioning one. It is important to have a professional diagnose transmission issues, especially for foreign and European vehicles. The transmission can be one of the most complicated repairs to accomplish, which is why experience and industry knowledge are crucial for successful results.

Depending on the amount of damages, transmission repair costs will differ from mechanic to mechanic. Be sure to shop around and read customer reviews to gain better knowledge of the company you wish to hire. It is highly recommended to use a garage that specializes in European car repair. They will have the proper equipment, as well as, an unbeatable dedication that can guarantee quality work.

Transmission Replacement

When a transmission is too far gone for repair, replacement may be the only option. A brand new transmission for German and European cars can run anywhere from $1,800 to $5,000, and sometimes more, depending on the make and model vehicle. Fortunately, for people on a budget, there are perfectly good used transmission for sale all over town. You can find fantastic references for used European transmission from your local mechanic. Buying a refurbished or used transmission can save you up to three thousand dollars or more!

Transmission Maintenance

In the lucky cases that your transmission does not require repair, simply maintenance, your mechanic may recommend fluid changes and other similar services.  Just like car engines, transmissions need to remain well-lubricated for proper functioning.  Transmission cleaning is crucial as well.  This type of routine maintenance should be sought out by a professional Carmel Indiana European auto repair shop for accurate service.

Where to Get Transmission Repair for European Cars in Carmel, IN

Call Autohaus Dierolf at 317-571-0800 for European transmission repair and service in Carmel, Indiana. Our German factory trained mechanics have more than 30 years of experience specializing in European make and model vehicles. We provide a wide range of automotive repairs and services, including factory scheduled maintenance and auto repair. Call 317-571-0800 for affordable and reputable auto maintenance in Carmel, IN today.

European Automotive Repair Carmel
European Automotive Repair Carmel Indiana 317-577-0800