How to Correct an Overheating Car Engine

The first rule to know is never drive an overheating vehicle under any circumstances. Not only is this dangerous to your safety and others, but it can also further damage the vehicle’s engine even more.  This obviously leads to more expensive car repair bills and a longer stay at the mechanic.  When a car does begin to show certain signs that it may be in distress, immediately act.  The sooner you acknowledge a problem with your ride, the better the chances are for an easier and cheaper repair. 

Continue reading to learn the basic instructions for what to do when your car engine overheats on the road while driving.

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If Your Car Engine Begins to Overheat, Do This:

Pull the Car Over Immediately

As soon as you are aware that there is a problem with your car’s engine, pull to the side of the road and come to a complete stop.  Put your car into park, turn the engine off, and remove your car keys from the ignition (Be sure to keep your keys on you so you do not get locked out of your vehicle).  Certain clues that suggest your car engine is problematic or is overheating include smoke coming from the hood, engine temperature gauge reading is in the red, strange or loud noises, or smelling gasoline.  Any of these signs, and more, is signs that your car is in distress. If you absolutely must continue driving, allow the engine to cool completely, and then drive only short distances until you reach your destination.

Call a LICENSED Mechanic

Many people want to call a tow truck or a friend to get their car to a repair garage.  The better choice, however, is to just call a mechanic first because they usually offer free towing and vehicle pickups for paying customers.  This way, you avoid having to pay extra money for a tow truck and can take advantage of an all-inclusive deal.  If a car is overheating, it needs to be inspected and serviced by a licensed mechanic as soon as possible.  The longer the engine sits without a repair, the longer you will go without the use of a working vehicle!  Be sure to use a licensed and reputable car repair shop.  Look at company credentials and see if they offer any specials or coupons for car repair and service.

Explain How Your Engine Overheats

Once a mechanic is contacted, it is time to explain to them the situation. To do this, think about the style of driving you are doing when it starts to overheat. Is the car in an idle mode, such as sitting in traffic, when it overheats? Or does it overheat while exceeding certain speeds during interstate or highway driving? These clues can help a mechanic better diagnose the engine problem, making for a shorter stay at the shop.

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