When Do I Need to Change the Fluids in My Car?

If you were to refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle, you may run into some confusion around the parts concerning the recommended maintenance and service schedules. This is because there is not just one simple factory schedule for your car in its manual. There is a schedule for “normal” driving, and a second schedule for “severe” driving. You see, the frequency at which you replace the fluids in your vehicle depends on the type of driving you do.

Continue reading to learn whether you are a normal or severe driver, as well as everything you need to know about your vehicle’s recommended fluid change schedule and how to get started at a trusted Carmel, Indiana mechanic near you.

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Normal Driving Versus Severe Driving

Before discussing the fluids that all vehicles require, and when to change these fluids, it is necessary to identify and understand the two types of driving and which types matches you. Most average drivers will simply need to follow the normal driving schedule. You are very likely a normal driver. But, rather than reading through the criteria of a normal driver, it is much easier to identify what severe driving is since normal is the more common type of driving. So, are you a severe driver? Check out the factors that will tell you so, below!

Severe drivers will exhibit all or most of the following habits or practices:

🚘 A vehicle is used for delivery or transportation purposes (i.e. pizza delivery, taxi cabs, food trucks, etc.).

🚘 Most excursions involve prolonged idling (i.e. stop and go traffic, rush hour, etc.).

🚘 Most excursions involve dusty and bumpy terrains (i.e. dirt roads, gravel, etc.).

🚘 A vehicle is used for hauling, towing, or carrying loads and freights.

🚘 Most driving trips are less than 10 miles, round-trip.

Automotive Fluid Changes for Normal Drivers

If you do not exhibit any of these driving habits or requirements, then you should follow the “normal” drivers schedule when it comes to fluid, filter, and lubricant changes. All vehicles require 7 vital fluids for safe driving, handling, and optimal performance. If you neglect to provide these fluid changes for your car or truck, it will quickly deteriorate and eventually breakdown. The seven fluids include motor oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze (coolant), power steering fluid, transmission fluid, battery fluid, and windshield wiper fluid.

When to Get Car Fluids Replaced

A car battery generally needs replaced every few years, depending on your driving and habits, and windshield wiper fluid can be re-filled as much as needed. All other fluids should be changed or refilled every six months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. Your local Carmel, Indianapolis car mechanic can answer any questions you have about factory scheduled maintenance for your vehicle. They retain the proper tools, training, knowledge, and resources to accurately assess your vehicle’s condition and make professional valuations and recommendations you can trust.

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