How to Make Your BMW More Eco-Friendly

If you modified your lifestyle habits to be more environmentally-friendly a long time ago, you will certainly appreciate the idea of going green with your BMW! Continue reading to learn how you can make your cherished BMW more Eco-friendly and which European auto shop to trust for superior factory-trained service in Indianapolis.

BMW Auto Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800
BMW Auto Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800

Going Green With Your BMW

You can protect the surrounding environment with mindful changes with your BMW car or SUV. Not only can these greener habits and objectives help you support environmental preservation and protection, but it will also save you some cash! Here are the top ways you can be greener, which in turn can make your BMW Eco-friendlier:

Stay Current on All BMW Maintenance

Routine maintenance is one of the most important elements of car care. There is a good reason why the manufacturer recommends a variety of scheduled services for your BMW. So, trust in the mechanical engineers and automakers when they tell you to you get an oil change, change your brake pads, or tune up your engine. With routine BMW maintenance, you can ensure your Bimmer is in tip-top shape, which allows it to perform at optimal levels of efficiency. Not only is this better on the environment, but it also saves you on fuel costs.

Practice Safe Automotive Fuel Disposal

Automotive fluids are toxic to the environment, and therefore, should be disposed of responsibly. If you would like to go green with your BMW, be sure you are getting rid of oil coolant, motor oil, and gasoline according to local and state regulations. Check with your county to see designated spots for chemical disposal, then be one step closer to greener driving!

Recycle Your Old Tires

Almost everything within a vehicle is recyclable, including the tires. And rubber is an important commodity that should be recycled at every chance you get. Mining for new ores generates a lot of pollution and uses massive amounts of resources. You can help reduce mining needs and support the preservation of our natural resources by always recycling your old tires before buying new ones.

Drive a Reduced Speeds

Sure, your BMW is sporty and fast, but that doesn’t mean you have to drive it like you are on a racetrack. By slowing down a bit, you can reduce your fuel consumption, which can have a positive trickle effect on preserving our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Take Stuff Out of the Trunk

A heavier car uses more fuel, which in turn drives up the demand for gasoline, and with it, prices. Higher fuel demands mean exhausting more and more resources that could otherwise be preserved. When you take extra stuff out of the trunk, you can lighten your BMW’s load and support this Eco-friendly initiate. It is recommended to keep emergency roadside items in there, like spare tires and kits.

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