Transmission Facts for Cars and Trucks

Indianapolis Auto Repair 317-571-0800

Indianapolis Auto Repair 317-571-0800

Your vehicle’s transmission is a crucial and fragile component that should be respected and well-maintained regularly.  Regular maintenance and care can increase the life span of a transmission, as well as, protect the performance values and durability.  This blog discusses important facts related to car and truck transmissions that can help guide you in the direction of proper vehicle repair and maintenance.

Recommended Car Maintenance and Repair

Check the Transmission Fluid

There are many variables that influence how to properly check a car or truck’s transmission fluid.  It depends on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as, other more specific factors.  For example, in most cases it is instructed to leave the car engine on while checking the transmission fluid; however, if you are driving a Honda, the engine needs to be turned off.  In a Dodge, the car needs to be in neutral while applying the emergency brake.  With all the different rules and elements that apply to each make and model, it is strongly suggested to have a professional car repair and maintenance shop take a look for you.  Most auto repair shops are willing to check car and truck fluids for free, so be sure to take advantage of this when it comes to changing fluids in your ride.

Detecting Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid repair technicians advise drivers to have their car or truck looked at professionally because it can be difficult determining where a leak originated from in a car or truck.  The technicians will start an inspection to find the source of the leak.  Often times, this type of inspection is accompanied with a small fee, usually around $75  or so; however, if you have the leak repaired at the same place it was inspected, the fee is typically waived.  When an auto mechanic technician facilitates an inspection to seek out a transmission leak, they will check everything from the cooler lines to the differential cover.  Somewhere in between they will typically find the leak and can assess its severity.

Driving with a Transmission Leak

Many people on the road have transmission leaks and don’t even know it.  These minor leaks can go un-noticed to an amateur eye.  This does not mean that it is safe to drive with a transmission leak or any other car fluid leak.  Minor leaks typically do not impose an immediate danger when it comes to driving, but they will most certainly lead to more severe damages to other car parts.  Corrosion and deterioration will occur to pumps, seals, and more.  These damages are costly and can be avoided by having a transmission fluid leak repaired right away.

Transmission Rebuilds

A common question regarding transmissions is about rebuilds.  Rebuilding transmissions is a costly repair that can be avoided prematurely through regular service, maintenance, and care.  However, there always comes a time in a car or truck’s life when the transmission needs rebuilding or replacing.  A few telltale signs that a transmission is on its last leg are as follows:  if the gear is slipping in and out, if the engine is revving high when the vehicle is moving moderately or slow, if it will not go in reverse, and many more.  If any of these are happening when driving your truck or car, call a professional auto repair company in your area, and have it inspected right away.

Carmel Auto Repair

European Auto Service Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

European Auto Service Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

For more information on transmission service, repair, maintenance, and inspections, call Autohaus Dierolf in Carmel, IN today.  We are licensed and insured European auto repair specialists that have been serving Hoosiers for over 40 years!  Call us at 317-571-0800 for free estimates, DIY advice, and guidance on Foreign and European car repair in Carmel, Indiana.




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5 Ways to Better Gas Mileage

It is possible to get more out of every gallon of fuel you pump into your gas tank.  By simply implementing regular vehicle maintenance and changing the style of your driving, you can achieve better gas mileage on any type of vehicle you own.  These five guidelines are ways to reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle uses, as well as promote a healthier environment.

Indianapolis Auto Repair 317-571-0800

Indianapolis Auto Repair 317-571-0800

5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency:

Check the Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires are a huge contribution to poor gas mileage.  It can increase the fuel consumption as much as 6%.  By regularly checking your tire pressure and ensuring they are properly inflated, you can save more fuel with every trip.  Tires should be inspected once a month and done so before driving, while the vehicle is still cold.  Do not let radial tires fool you; they may look inflated but can actually have low tire pressure.  Always check anyway.

Use Less AC

During the hot summer months, your car’s ac unit contributes to almost 10% of increased fuel use.  On cooler days, avoid using the car ac unit by rolling down the windows and keeping a cool beverage in your cup holder.

Avoid Jack-Rabbit Driving

Jack-rabbit driving looks similar to a person learning to drive in first gear for the first time.  Abrupt starts and hard stops is what we refer to as jack-rabbit driving.  Aggressive driving causes your vehicle to use more gas.  This can happen when we are stuck in traffic, or in a hurry to get somewhere.  Avoid this type of driving and increase your gas mileage.

Obey Speed Limits

Another way to get better gas mileage is to maintain a steady speed when driving.  Accelerating and decelerating causes your car to pull more fuel.  If you typically drive ten miles over the speed limit on the highway, try going slower to save gas.  You will see a difference within a few days.  Also, on long stretches of highway, use cruise control.  This helps regulate the amount of fuel being consumed per mile.

Drive Less

The most obvious, yet, difficult remedy to poor gas mileage is too much driving.  If you can make the commitment to drive less often, it can greatly reduce the amount of fuel you consume per week.  Try taking buses, organizing car pools, and walking to closer destinations.  Not only can this be good for your fuel budget, it is a great way to improve the environment.

Carmel Auto Service

European Auto Service Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

European Auto Service Carmel Indiana 317-571-0800

For more information on improving your gas mileage, call Autohaus Dierolf today at 317-571-0800.  We are expert German and European car mechanics located in Carmel, IN.  We offer advice, guidance, and free estimates too!  Visit our Indiana European Car Repair website for a list of services we offer.

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