BMW Facts That Will Surprise You

As a BMW owner, you are already filled with admiration. But learning some interesting and surprising facts about the entire BMW enterprise might strengthen your bond with your timeless and exhilarating German car. Continue reading to review the top 6 facts about BMW that will bring you closer with your beloved ride.

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BMW Mechanic Indianapolis Indiana 317-571-0800

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)

Bavarian Motor Works, otherwise known as BMW, is a German automotive manufacturing company whose roots date back all the way to 1916. But what BMW was manufacturing in those early days might surprise you! In fact, this is one of the few interesting truths about BMW that many people don’t know. You see, when BMW was first founded, they were solely manufacturing engines for aircrafts. That’s right; Bavarian Motor Works was originally an airplane engine manufacturer!

BMW Facts You Want to Know:

BMW was an airplane engine manufacturer.

BMW made airplane engines until the year 1918, but began again during World War II, from 1933 to 1945.

❷ BMW is also a leader in the aerospace industry.

With a rich history of manufacturing aircraft engines, it is no surprise that BMW turned her focus on airline interior design. The airplanes used by Singapore Airlines our custom designed by BMW.

❸ BMW is also the owner of Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce are marketed under the BMW brand. They are the same high quality, top luxury Rolls-Royce cars you’ve always admired; the only difference is they are now manufactured and sold by BMW.

❹ BMW manufacturers the world’s fastest motorbike.

Not only is BMW the manufacturer of the world’s fastest motorcycle, but they have held this title since the early 1900s. In 1917, BMW introduced the fastest motorcycle in the world, topping out at 278km/h mileage.

❺ BMW continues to manufacture auto parts for classic models.

No matter how old your BMW is, you can easily replace any of its parts because Bavarian Motor Works still manufacturers classic car parts, even for BMW’s that were manufactured during the second world war!

❻ BMW was the original electric car manufacturer.

Bavarian Motor Works manufactured the very first electric vehicle. Back in the 19th century, BMW was already testing the theory of an electric vehicle, and was finally successful in building one in 1972, known as the BMW 1602e.

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