3 Popular European Automotive Brands for Car Lovers

With so many cars and trucks to choose from, where does a buyer begin?  Well the best place to start would be determining which brand vehicle you want to purchase and own. For European car enthusiasts, the answer to that question is simple. So as far as European and German automobiles, which brands are the most recommended? 

To find out, let’s first take a closer look at some popular European brands, and the distinctive qualities that make them so admirable.

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The Volkswagen line of automobiles is a German brand. They’re best sellers have been the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Passat, both of which are on the list of the ten best selling cars of all-time. Their vehicles have won numerous awards for safety and more. They are reliable cars that run smooth and retain great gas mileage. They are recommended for people on the road often, or for families with safety concerns. Volkswagen is a solid choice if safety and dependability are on your list of requirements.


Audi brand vehicles are phenomenal automobiles with a long history of meticulous designs, careful manufacturing, and irresistible detail. They are known as high-end luxury vehicles for these three reasons, and more. This line of German cars is marked by their slogan of, “Truth in Engineering,” because they are truly engineered as one of the top automotive brands in the world. They are actually a subsidiary of Volkswagen; and the 4 rings that make up the car’s emblem stand for the four companies that came together to launch the Audi brand over 40 years ago.  As high-end luxury cars, they are quite desirable and quite pricey.


BMW make and model automobiles and motorcycles are a German classic. BMW is one of the top three German automakers in the world; alongside Audi and Mercedes Benz. BMW’s are known for their strong residual value, and long lasting performance capabilities. They are well-respected and admired by many German car enthusiasts. They are wonderful for anyone; from a businessman on the go, to a soccer mom of three. This is because of all the wonderful amenities, features, options, and programs included with the purchase of a BMW. For example, they offer safety pans, roadside assistance, warranties, maintenance programs, and more.  The possibilities are endless with this classic German brand automobile.

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