Does Your Mercedes Benz Radio Faceplate Liner Look Like it’s Peeling Off?

Here at Autohaus Dierolf, our German factory-trained mechanics have seen a lot through the decades of hands-on experience we’ve had in the European automotive repair and service industry. With that being said, one of the most common vehicular defects we see happens to be on radio faceplates. Many drivers assume that their radio faceplates come with a “protective liner”, because overtime, the faceplate appears to “peel.” But the reality is, there is no protective liner adhered to the surface of the radio faceplate. The peeling evidence seen by drivers is actually a result of wear and tear.

Here’s the Bad News…

So, what tends to happen is, drivers assume this protective layer peels off all the way with ease. And as they peel it more and more, they make more of a mess; a mess that cannot be restored. You see, automakers, such as Mercedes Benz, do not sell just the radio faceplate alone. If the faceplate becomes defaced due to peeling, the ENTIRE radio unit must be purchased and installed! With the item purchase price, plus labor, the cost to have this work done can be astronomical. This is especially guaranteed if you take it to a dealership.

So, what’s the good news here? The good news is that Autohaus Dierolf sees this kind of radio faceplate damage all the time, and has extensive experience resolving such issues at a better price!

Take this example, below. This is a 2009 Mercedes Benz CLK500 convertible that we recently had in our shop. As you can tell by the BEFORE photos below, it looks like there is a protective film or liner that is peeling off. But the truth is that it is the actual cover peeling off. Not only do we see this happen on Mercedes Benz radio faceplates, we also see this happen to models in the 2003 to 2015 range.

Is YOUR Mercedes Benz Radio Faceplate Peeling?

Bring it to us for an affordable alternative to full radio unit replacement! We offer dealership-level quality at neighborhood prices! Our highly skilled and certified mechanics will remove the radio, extract the old cover, install a new faceplate, and then reassemble your car radio, all around $230 or so. Some invoices may be higher than $230, depending on the amount of labor needed to extract the radio. Take a look at our AFTER pictures, below:

 Trust Us for Top-Quality European Auto Service

Here at Autohaus Dierolf, we have the latest technologies and resources to deliver prompt and professional automotive repair service you can trust. In fact, we only use top-of-the-line parts and products, primarily Bosch brand, and even have an in-house used auto parts division in which we have been collecting and adding various European car parts for more than 50 years! We even have an extended specialty inventory of Mercedes Benz used parts. This is a great way to provide our customers with quick and easy fixes.

Get Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Service in Carmel, Indiana

Contact us at 317-571-0800 to request a free estimate, or to schedule an appointment, for Mercedes Benz auto repair service in Carmel, Indiana. Our German factory-trained mechanics provide a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair services for all European make and model vehicles. Best of all, we offer free written estimates and extensive warranties on all our work. Don’t wait another minute to get your needed automotive work done. Call our office today to get started.

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