Summertime Automotive Care Advice to Live By

Although the damaging winter snow and salt can be rough for cars and trucks, summer weather can equally take a toll on your vehicle as well. The combination of high temperatures and general wear and tear can negatively affect several vital components of a vehicle, including the battery, tires, radiator, and more. This is why it is critical to remember safe and effective auto care in the summer heat.

Continue reading to review some helpful automotive care tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly this summer!

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Car Battery Service

High temperatures and overcharging can cause the battery in your vehicle to drain faster, shortening its life. This is because heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate quickly, consequently damaging its internal structure. To avoid such problems, have your vehicle serviced regularly by a licensed mechanic who can make sure your electrical system is charging at the correct rate. For car batteries that require “topping off”, it is necessary to check the levels more often in hot weather. Keep in mind that dirt is another cause behind battery power loss. So be sure the top of your battery remains clean, since dirt and corrosion can interrupt current flow.

Radiator Service

Another important component to service properly in summer heat is your car’s radiator. High temperatures cause the cooling system to work harder, therefore relying on the radiator fluid more. Simply be sure that your radiator fluid is always a 50:50 mix of coolant and water, and routinely have your radiator flushed and refilled once every year to support an optimal cooling system. During routine radiator service, your mechanic will complete a comprehensive visual inspection, and then run a pressure test, thermostat test, cooling fan test, and more. And remember to never open a radiator cap that is hot to the touch!

Tire Service

Your tires will certainly wear out more in hotter weather since they experience more stress in such conditions. This is why tire service and tire care are important for summer. Be sure your tires are inflated properly, and check them regularly for structural damages. Have a professional auto shop service your tires every 6,000 miles with tire rotation and balancing, inflation, replacement, and more.

Auto AC Service

An auto AC system is designed to control the interior climate of a vehicle, including temperature and humidity, and comes in many different forms depending on the make and model of the car. Routine auto AC service is a critical part of preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Not only does it provide the proper inspections and replacements necessary for every summer, it prevents future breakdowns and costly repairs.Keep in mind that a refrigerant leak is damaging to the ozone layer. Not only does a properly-functioning AC system save on gas mileage, it is environmentally friendly.

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