Top 5 Car Parts Affected By Cold Weather

When the winter weather becomes extreme, the harsh climates and freezing temperatures can affect our daily lives in more ways than one. An area of your life that tends to get overlooked come winter’s peak is your vehicle. Severe cold climates can negatively impact your car’s ability to operate safely, or at all for that matter. Since you cannot get around driving in the winter weather this season, you will have to learn how to protect your vehicle from such impacts.

Continue reading to review the top 5 car parts that are most affected by severe cold outdoor temperatures, and what you can do to prevent such automotive inconveniences.

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How to Winter Can Impact Your Vehicle

Car Tires

Every winter, your car tires usually deflate a little because when the air inside gets cold, it contracts, thus reducing air pressure. But in extreme cold temperatures, your tires can suddenly deflate, and fail to hold re-inflation for longer than a day or so. What can you do to prevent cold weather tire deflation? First, be sure to invest in quality car tires. There is a difference among all the brands and types of tires on the market. Second, be sure you are checking your tire pressure on a weekly basis, or more often if you drive long distances a lot.

Car Battery

Extreme cold winter weather can also affect the electrolyte molecules inside your car battery. In fact, dead car batteries are so common in the winter, it is recommended to always have a set of jumper cables on hand in case your car battery runs out of juice while you are out and about. Although jumper cables are a great solution to a dead battery in the winter, they are only a temporary fix. To prevent your car battery from dying this winter, be sure you have a quality battery brand, and that you replace it every 3 to 4 years.

Motor Oil

In the winter, at the peak when temperatures are the coldest, motor oil can thicken like molasses. This in turn causes many issues with the engine and overall operation of your car. When the oil is too viscous, the motor’s oil pump has trouble circulating it through the engine. To prevent your engine oil from becoming too thick this winter, simply switch to a low-viscosity oil for the season, between from 10W-30 to 5W-30, depending on how cold your region gets.

Windshield Wipers

It has likely happened to you before, as it has happened to the best of us drivers; frozen windshield wiper fluid and wipers frozen to your windshield. This inconvenient duo of windshield wiper problems can be easily prevented by ensuring you opt for a winter set of windshield wipers that won’t crack or tear after freezing, and using a high quality windshield wiper fluid. Also, be sure to replace your wipers twice a year for optimal performance.

LCD Display Screens

Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are a common feature in modern make and model vehicles. From navigation and GPS, to DVD players and more, such devices have become an important part of our daily commutes. But in the winter, the freezing cold temperatures can cause the liquid crystals inside the display screen to slow down and behave sluggishly. To prevent a sluggish LCD screen this winter, consider installed an engine block heater. Otherwise, you must simply be patient and allow your car to warm up.

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